Great teachers, beautiful party venues, unique atmosphere, lots of dancing and, most of all, great people! You can count on this at the oldest (it’s been 10 years!) still organized balboa festival in Poland.

We invite you to Krakow on 27-29.09.2024

Most up to date information can be found on our Facebook page.


The history of Balboa in Kraków started with Björn Wider, who came to town from Zürich for work. Back then in 2011, the swing scene in Poland was very small, not that much dancing was happening, except the first edition of Dragons Swing 2010. Björn started to support the small Lindy hop community here and as the need for other swing dances was slowly growing, he gave a couple of Balboa taster classes. In 2012 there were still not enough people in Kraków to start regular Balboa classes, but his idea of a weekend workshop gathered dancers from Kraków and other Polish cities. It was the first edition of Rock the Balboa, taught by Björn and Daniela Seyfahrt, with maybe 20 dancers, but enough enthusiasm to organize it again in 2013. Björns’ target of dancing Balboa in Kraków got at least partially true as there were some dancers around always happy to bal-out to a fast-swing track. The seed had been sown, but for the third edition our community had to wait until 2017. Karolina, was the one who attended the 2013 edition of Rock the Balboa and also got inspired by the Balboa track she took part in during Herräng Dance Camp 2016. Together with Karina, as a lovely KariKaro duo, they managed to organize three editions of Rock the Balboa (2017, 2018 and 2019). In 2019 Joanna and Mateusz teamed up with Karolina to organize the 2020 edition, which because of the pandemic, could not happen. Since the love for Balboa is addictive, our dream team has grown in 2022 to one more member: Staszek. This year we are Asia, Mateusz and Staszek to create together this unique event for all, who love Balboa as much as we do. See you in September!


Rock the Balboa! is made out of love for Balboa and its roots - which is afro-American culture. It is a meeting place open to diversity, unifying us in our common affection towards swing dancing.

Our goal is to create an event, where everyone feels safe and welcome. The most important qualities will be respect and kindness we can give each other, regardless of our role in dancing or our swing community.

We take care of our partner on the dance floor and avoid collisions with other people. If unavoidable, we always apologize to each other and make sure no one needs help. Everyone can make a positive impact by acting with others in mind - the organizers help out the participants, the participants support the volunteers etc. Thank you very much in advance!

We do not tolerate behaviour and comments that can make anyone feel discriminated, humiliated, used or offended for their gender expression or identity, role in dance, skill, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or faith, because we are all equal.

Any inappropriate behaviour - either experienced or observed - should be reported to the Organizers. The Organizers reserve a right to remove people threatening others' safety or well-being from the Event. Rock the Balboa! is a place for dance and creativity - safe and open.

Remember - you can always contact us - either in person or over electronic communication if you need help.

the Organizers:
Asia, Mateusz, Staszek


Jennifer Lee
Jenn Lee (She/Her) started swing dancing in 2001 and has loved being a part of this amazing community ever since. If there is great jazz music playing you’ll find her there, dancing until the wee hours with the most contented smile on her face.
Her devotion to swing dancing was first as a student, then later as an avid competitor, organizer, advocate, and now as a popular instructor. Her teaching style reflects her creativity and playfulness. She has a strong music background and uses this along with a collaborative approach in her classes.
Jenn is one of the few professional follows who did not develop her craft with a dedicated partner, as a result she has a dance style that works with many people and is able to work with multiple dance partners for teaching and collaboration.
Her film titled “One Girl and Two Boys” won the Jazz Dance Film Festival, and she holds many titles including 1st place titles from the California Balboa Classic, All Balboa Weekend, the Eastern Balboa Championships, Hot Rhythm Holiday, the Snowball and, Lindy Focus.

Blake Thiessen
As a naive Southern California college student, Blake discovered swing dancing with a whimsical New Year’s resolution to try learning the dancing he saw in Swing Kids (1993). Little did he know, SoCal was one of the world’s largest scenes, with a rich history and dozens of the world’s best dancers and instructors. Immediately hooked, he developed a relentless obsession for Lindy, Balboa, and Collegiate Shag. He’s since gone on to win in a variety of international competitions and has taught around the world in places like Europe, Korea, Japan, Australia, and the US.
In his free time, Blake loves to study vintage dance clips. He has a deep reverence for the original dancers and loves to teach classes that focus on particular styles and techniques they used. As an instructor he also focuses on imparting his values of partner connection, tasteful musicality, and developing beautiful basics. While he loves practice, competition, and performance, his favorite thing about dancing is just having a simple, deeply-connected social dance with a like-minded partner.

Lana Sedlmayr
Lana Sedlmayr is recognised worldwide for her passion for Swing, Jazz and Charleston as a dancer, teacher, performer and choreographer. Having a background in Ballroom dance, Lana has acquired her Swing and Jazz dance education and experience all over the world. For almost 20 years she continues revealing the secrets of the dance to students as well as improving her own dancing and teaching skills internationally. By discovering new dance techniques and styles as well as basic anatomy and body structure she keeps upgrading her level of expertise in dancing and teaching.
Combining musicality and interaction with a partner, technique and improvisation she is able to captivate dancers as well as the audience. As a teacher she concentrates her attention on dance technique and natural body movement at all levels and motivates dancers to improvise to the music creating great dynamics of the dance.
Lana is actively taking part in the dance events and competitions around the world being placed first in such world known contests as International Lindy Hop Championships, European Swing Dance Championships and many more.
Originally coming from Kiev, Ukraine she has settles in Berlin, Germany where she’s teaching regular classes and workshops and enjoying the life with her husband, her son and their cat.

Mickey Fortanasce
Mickey's dance journey ignited during his teenage years in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, where he found himself entranced by the captivating rhythms of Balboa and Lindy Hop within the local club scene of Southern California. His passion for dance took a significant turn when he pursued his college education at New York University, where he extended his love for dance by becoming an instructor for the NYU Swing Dance Society.
This phase of Mickey's life was defined by the exhilarating experience of navigating between the bustling dance scenes of New York City and his hometown of Los Angeles. These travels provided him with a unique vantage point, allowing him to observe and learn from the seasoned dancers of both coasts, enriching his dance education.
As Mickey's journey evolved, he forged a dynamic partnership with the accomplished dancer Kelly Arsenault, setting the stage for a remarkable collaboration that led to numerous triumphs at prestigious competitions. Their remarkable achievements include securing victory in three editions of the Balboa Rendezvous' International Balboa Championships, as well as claiming top honors at All Balboa Weekend's American Classic Balboa Championship and routine division. Their competitive prowess extended further with first-place finishes in the Balboa divisions at both the International Lindy Hop Championships and the European Swing Dance Championship. In 2023, Mickey added another prestigious title to this list by clinching the 1st place at the California Balboa Classic’s Invitational Balboa Mix and Match competition.
Beyond their impressive competitive feats, Mickey and Kelly have established themselves as esteemed educators, fervently sharing their profound knowledge and deep love for swing dance with enthusiasts worldwide. Their influence extends beyond the dance floor, as they have been featured in respected newspapers and magazines, including Time Out New York and The New York Sun. Their magnetic presence has also graced television screens through appearances on programs like Good Day New York and NBC's 1st Look. Mickey and Kelly's unwavering commitment to preserving and promoting the art of swing dance continues to inspire and captivate audiences on a global scale.


We have Balboa classes on 3 levels waiting for you during Rock the Balboa! 2024. Below, you’ll find a short description of each level, however you will be assigned to groups based on the outcome of auditions. If you want to skip the audition, you’ll be assigned to the Intermediate level.


You have been dancing Balboa for a year, you know the basics and want to develop your dancing further by bettering your technique and expanding your vocabulary.

You’re familiar with basic Balboa rhythms and can lead/follow steps in PureBal (uphold/downhold basic, ad-libs/sidesteps, paddles, come around) as well as BalSwing (throw out/toss out, lollies, out&ins).


You have been dancing Balboa for some time now - besides taking classes, you regularly attend local dance parties and you’re not new to Balboa festivals.
You lead/follow complex sequences, also with faster tempos. You can implement styling in your dancing. You want to improve your technique and make your dancing more smooth and musical.


You’re a true Balboa rug cutter. You’ve been dancing for a long time, attending international festivals whenever you can, and you even made it into competition finals at least once. When taking classes at a festival - it’s the highest level.
You combine complicated transitions and impressive stylings at any tempos. You can play with the texture of your dance and you understand where your movement is coming from. 
You know a lot about Balboa, but most of all, you know how much you can still learn.
Some participants may receive an invitation to join this group, bypassing the audition.


Get ready for three evenings full of music and dance!


Restauracja Avangarda
ul. Zyblikiewicza 1, Krakow

On Friday and Saturday, we will be guests in the former Officers' Casino ballroom, where the Avangarda Restaurant is now located.
It is a 19th-century Neo-Renaissance building that was tastefully remodelled in Art Nouveau style in the early 20th century. We can assure you that it will be glamorous.










Early Birds (first 20 registrations) PLN 740 / EUR 180
Regular PLN 790 / EUR 190
6h of classes, 3 parties, 3 taster classes




One T-shirt: 50 PLN / 12 EUR
Both T-shirts: 85 PLN / 20 EUR


Registration for Full Passes starts on 12.05.2024 at 12.05 (CET).
Party Pass registration will start later.
By filling out and submitting registration, the registrant accepts the Terms and Conditions.